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King Star

Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 APPROVED

Specification of mashine embroidery thread

As a result of pursuing a beauty of embroidery finish, high durability for keeping the beauty long, and stable embroidering property, we have succeeded in development of an innovative polyester machine embroidery thread,"KING STAR". To satisfy with the above features, we use our original advanced technology and specially designed polyester high-multifilament, which provides high strength, low shrinkage, and elongation suitable for embroidery, and is soft touch. The high-tech embroidery thread,"KING STAR" is superior in luster to rayon thread, rich in color, and soft touch because of its high loft.

This photograph does not show the form of the products.

Specification and Uses
*In this sample book used are the No.50 threads.

Kind Composition Length Number of colors Uses
No.60 83dtex(75d)1*2 3,000m 600 Embroidery by multihead embroidering machine, multineedled quilt embroidery, name embroidery, embroidery lace, and other embroidery finish.
No.50 135dtex(120d)1*2 2,000m 600


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