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Industrial Sewing Thread

Industrial Sewing Thread

Pursuing right-on catching up to the change of diversified requirements for the fashion materials rapidly progressing, FUJIX has lined up more than full of high quality standard and high-performance industrial sewing and embroidery thread in full color range.

In order to enforce our support to the customers for their complete satisfaction, we have established the production facilities of our own in Japan and China for the most stable and reliable quality production and have set up the distribution widely extended in Japan, China and Hong Kong for our incomparable services.

Home-use sewing thread

Home - use sewing thread

FUJIX supports sewing hobby of handcrafters by the most sophisticated hand sewing thread for their most heartful fulfillment and satisfaction on their sewing hobby.

FUJIX has continuously been developing new thread and new proposal for its application and been lining-up the full range of products for richer enjoyment of sewing handicraft.

Embroidery Sewing Thread

Embroidery Thread

We are producing home-use type and industrial use type of embroidery threads and both have been finished to be the most sophisticated gem in the machine embroidery works.

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