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We would like to answer the commom questions.

Q1What kind of thread do I have to use for high-quality fabrics made of natural fibers?

q1TIRE Silk sewing thread

TIRE silk sewing thread is suitable. This product makes full use of the characteristics of silk that is easy to sew and is beautiful. It has appropriate strength and stretchability, fits the fabric well and does not hurt the fabric.

Q2What kind of thread do I have to use for finishing up beautiful seams in Men's and Lady's wear sewing?

q1KING POLYESTER sewing thread

KING POLYESTER sewing thread is suitable. It has silky luster and high strength. Because of its strength, you can use thinner thread. It creates more beautiful seams than sewing by spun polyester sewing thread.

Q3What kind of thread do I have to use for sewing of stretchable fabrics such as inner and knit material?

q1KING Resilon "F" sewing thread

KING Resilon “F” sewing thread is suitable. As it has been developed as a specialized thread, it suits the stretchability of the fabric naturally. (If you use Woollie Nylon sewing thread as bobbin thread or looper thread, it will be quite effective.)

Q4Whenever I change the color of fabric, I have to change the color of sewing thread and also adjust the sewing machine. In this case, I am often in trouble of spending a lot of time with it. Do you have any good threads?

q1KING Resilon "F" sewing thread

We recommend KING Resilon “F” sewing thread. Thanks to the permeability of this thread, you do not have to change the color of sewing thread frequently.

Q5What kind of thread do I have to use for preventing the latest new materials (close texture, thin fabric) made of new synthetic fabrics (new-polyster) from puckering?

q1KING FIT sewing thread

KING FIT sewing thread is suitable. It is made of high-multi polyester filaments with moderate fluff by our special processing. It combines the advantage of filament yarn (beautiful finishing) with of spun yarn (easy to sew). Moreover, it prevents puckering because it does not elongate much during sewing, and also does not shrink much by ironing.

Q6What kind of features does your embroidery thread have?

q1KING STAR Machine Embroidery Thread

We have KING STAR machine embroidery thread. It is made of specially designed polyester high-multifilament by our original advanced technology. Thanks to it, it is soft to touch, superior in luster and rich in color like rayon thread. In addition, it has excellent resistance to washing, resistance to friction and resistance to chemicals, and has better sewability and durability than rayon.

Q7Do you have general-purpose thread which has softness and bulkiness?

q1KING POLYESTER SPUN sewing thread

We have KING POLYESTER SPUN Sewing Thread. It is a supreme quality sewing thread using specially spun fibers with high strength, low elongation and low shrinkability.

Q8Do you have any good thread which is suitable for hem sewing and ornamental stitching of elastic fabrics?

q1KING POLYESTER WOOLLIE "S" sewing thread

We have KING POLYESTER WOOLLIE “S” sewing thread. It is made of polyester high-multifilament with textured treatment. It is hardly faded or yellowed by aging, and moreover it has softness like nylon.

Q9There is an adhesive thread which melt by heat. What kind of thread and what is it used for?


  • We have KING MELTER heat-adhesive thread. It adheres by heat of steam iron, and can be used instead of tacking thread or marking pins to fix fabrics temporally.
  • Double yarn (with polyester sewing thread) is also available.
Q10Do you have a stitch thread (ornamental thread) which is suitable for soft textiles such as inner wear?


We have KING NYLON 300W Sewing Thread. It has mellow luster and softness peculiar to nylon.

Q11I want to make working wears or uniforms having antistatic effect. Do you have any sewing thread which decreases the generation of static electricity?

q1KING SEIDEN Electric-restrictive sewing thread

We have KING SEIDEN antistatic sewing thread. It consists of antistatic fiber and polyester thread. It has a effect to reduce the static electricity leaving at sewn products by corona-discharge.

Q12Do you have a button thread for auto buttoning machine?

q1KING FASLON Button Thread

We have KING FASLON Button Thread. With excellent resin processing technology, it has achieved strength against friction and splitting, and has improved its sewability. It keeps the appropriate level of tightness and holds buttons extraordinary well.

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