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A notice of attestation acquisition of ISO14001

We are pleased to inform you that we achieved attestation acquisition of ISO 14001 as follows.

1.Original Approval:
26th November,2001(Approval Certificate NO.JCQA-E-0308)
All places of business
Manufacturing and selling of sewing thread and embroidery thread by various yarn. It is consignment processing management in part.
4.Quality Management System Standard:
JIS Q 14001-1996
ISO 14001-1996
5.Certification of Approval:
Japan Chemical Quality Assurance (JCQA)
6.An environmental plan:
By recognizing that we can exist and perform an enterprise,just by maintaining environment of the earth, we carry out activity which considered reduction of environmental load as follows.
  • Our company builds an environmental management system, continuing manufacture and a selling enterprise of sewing thread and embroidery thread, and maintains it.
  • The purpose for environmental load reduction and a target are set up, and periodical reexamination is performed.
  • It strives for prevention of the continuous improvement and contamination of an environmental management system.
  • A related environmental regulation rule and a related independence management standard are kept.
  • An environmental plan is documentized and carries out common knowledge thoroughness at all worker including part-timer. And it opens to the public outside.

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