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A notice of expansion attestation acquisition of ISO

We are pleased to inform you that our company achieved attestation acquisition of ISO 9001 this time.

1.Expansion attestation acquisition day:
19th November,2001(Approval Certificate NO.JCQA-0395)
To enforce the mutual reliances with endusers and to encourage the smooth transactions by having the base of universal and impartial standard ISO9001.
Head Office (Kita-ku,Kyoto city)
Yamanouchi Factory (Ukyo-ku,Kyoto city)
Yokaichi Factory (Yokaichi city,Shiga pref.)
Research & Development Office(Ukyo-ku,Kyoto city)
Development and manufacture of sewing thread and embroidery thread, a part, manufacture consignment management.
5.Quality Management System Standard:
JIS Q 9001:2000
6.Certification of Approval:
Japan Chemical Quality Assurance (JCQA)
7.Future progress:
Maintain this quality system"ISO9001",it is made to improve, a continuous improvement is performed, and it is made the company which gets reliance and satisfaction of many customers. In in-the company,it strives for an improvement of a process and ties to strengthening of a company base.

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