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Basic Management Policy

FUJIX Group specializes in manufacturing and distributing threads for sewing and other various applications. Under the company’s principle “Sincerity”, our business philosophy is to contribute to all stakeholders through products and services created by superior technology and sincerity. We aim to be a global corporate group to contribute to the global sewing industry and embroidery industry and be able to deliver the pleasant hobby sewing to the world.

Basic Policy on Sharing Profit

As our basic policy for dividends, we strive to maintain stable dividends under our strong management foundation. We also continue to make efforts to respond to the expectations of investors over the long term by endeavoring to restore profitability. In order to increase the customer satisfaction and the competitive advantage of our group, we set aside retained earnings for investments in technical and product development as well as in overseas operations and the improvement of our production system. We hope to make effective use of them to restore and improve future profitability.

The 59th March, 2008 12yen50sen
The 60th March, 2009 12yen50sen
The 61th March, 2010 12yen50sen
The 62th March, 2011 15Yen ※
The 63th March, 2012 12yen50sen
The 64th March, 2013 12yen50sen
The 65th March, 2014 12yen50sen
The 66th March, 2015 12yen50sen
The 67th March, 2016 12yen50sen
The 68th March, 2017 12yen50sen

"Commemorative dividend of the 90th anniversary of the founding" 2 yen 50 sen is included in the 62nd dividend.

Settlement Information

Stock Listings Tokyo Stock Exchange (Second Section)
Business Results
(Semi-annual : Apr 2016-Sep 2016)
Consolidated Accounts
Net Sales 3,246 Million yen
Ordinary Income 48 Million yen
Net Income 21 Million yen
Capital Adequacy Ratio 77.8%
Business Results
(Annual : Apr 2016-Mar 2017)
Consolidated Accounts Unconsolidated Accounts
Net Sales 6,326 Million yen 3,401 Million yen
Ordinary Income 60 Million yen 70 Million yen
Net Income 28 Million yen 47 Million yen
Capital Adequacy Ratio 79.2% 91.3%

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