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Industrial Sewing Thread : Decorative thread series

Tall Stitch

100% Polyester
Z twist

Tall Stitch
Brandnew thick stitching thread

It’s made of fine multiple filaments (Polyester) of exceptionally higher luster, and exclusively designed thicker threads for machine sewing of thick-stitches decorations of soft and brilliant material characteristics. Superior performance can be in standing-up of the worked design and maintaining its eternal beauty for longer term.

As the material yarn is of very fine filaments, take special care against possible rubbing and hitching accident when applying.

Photo:LAME Ornamental Thread (4ply Thread/8ply Thread)

Kind Composition Total deci tex Strength
Length Number of Colors Needles Uses
#30 135dtex
550dtex 17.7N
40 1,000m 7 Sewing needles
Ornamental stitches
#0 135dtex
3,300dtex 100N
40 200m 7

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