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Industrial Sewing Thread : Characteristic function thread series

KING Monsieur

100% Nylon
Machine Sewing Thread
Z twist

KING Monsieur
Odor reducing thread

Ammonia (sweat, blood, and similar substances) and other bad smells are scientifically broken down, neutralized, and decomposed. The odor extinguishing function is restored every time the thread is washed and dried, so the effect can be displayed time and time again.

Photo:KING Odor Extinguishing Thread MONSIEUR

Kind Composition Total deci tex Strength
Length Number of Colors Needles Uses
No.80 50S
230 6.2
25 5,000m White・Black・Off white Sewing needles
Odor extinguishing functin
No.50 50S
355 10.6
29 3,000m Sewing needles

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