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Industrial Sewing Thread : Decorative thread series


100% Polyester
Machine Sewing Thread
Polyester core covered
by film

Gold and silver thread, developed for machine sewing

The fundamental gold and silver sewing thread. Prior gold and silver sewing threads have been used for embroidery; however this METALLIC sewing thread is a strong thread with a polyester core which can be used for final sewing or zigzag sewing. Why not try this gold and silver thread to stitch, embroider, or decorate?


  • Please check the lot number before use the same color because it has subtle color difference according  to the dying lot.
  • Have a pre-test and make it sure when having any washing process application.
  • Because the thread has a melting point of 250-260°C, be careful for“heat-cut”.
  • Dry in the shade. Avoid exposure to the sunlight or fluorescent light for a long time.
  • Please do not use it at a part of garment in direct contact with skin.
  • Do not use it with product for babies and small children (up to 3 years old).
  • Do not bleach.
  • Keep away from sulfide-containing products such as rubber, urethane, or leather. Sulfide may cause discoloration or darkening by oxidization.

Photo:KING METALLIC Sewing Thread

Kind Composition Total deci tex Strength
Length Number of Colors Needles Uses
No.1 core:122dtex
265 8.1
18 3,000m Gold・Silver Sewing needles
Ornamental stitches
No.3 core:330dtex
570 22.0
24 1,500m Sewing needles

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