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Tall Stitch

30% Cotton
70% Nylon
Z twist

Stretchable and piece-dying garments

KING DYETOGA is a brand new superior elasticity sewing thread for piece dyeing made of nylon core. Aimed at the perfect covering when on the garments. Most recommendable for your piece dyeing Stretch Denim.

Photo:KING DYETOGA(Stretchable and piece-dying garments)

Kind Composition Strength
Length Number of Colors Total deci tex Uses
#30 20s 1×2 11.7N
24 5,000m Bleach White 570dtex Stretchable and piece-dying garments
#20 15s 1×2 15.6N
30 4,000m 765dtex
#8 15s 1×3 23.3N
32 3,000m 1,205dtex

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