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Industrial Sewing Thread : Characteristic function thread series

KING BIO SPUN Sewing Thread

100% Polyester
Machine Sewing Thread
Z twist

KING Bio Spun
Biodegradable typed polyester sewing thread

"BIO SPUN Sewing Threads" is ECO- friendly thread that is 100% made from the fiber using DuPont™ APEXA ® polymer. APEXA ® is Eco- friendly material and is confirmed that in well conditioned compost, it will be disintegrated and decomposed to result reduction of weight,  "BIO SPUN Sewing Threads" also function well as sewing threads.  This product is highly expected to meet market needs for environment friendly products.

Photo:KING BIO SPUN Sewing Thread

Kind Composition Total deci tex Strength
Length Number of Colors Needles Uses
No.60 60S
330 7.5
23 3,000m Special order Sewing needles 11-14 Ecology
No.50 50S
370 8.6
23 3,000m Sewing needles
No.30 30S
630 15.3
25 2,000m Sewing needles

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